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UK Specific News 

Drag Queen Story Hour at Wembley

Now PUBS are using facial recognition cameras! London bar tests AI tech to spot who should next be served drink

Bank of England boss Mark Carney warns No Deal could drive Britain into recession and cause inflation spike in new Project Fear warning as the Pound tumbles AGAIN

It'll need more than a line of sandbags! Workers scramble to save crumbling dam holding 300m gallons of water that is set to burst any minute over town that is home to 6,500 people

Boris orders Royal Navy warships to begin escorting British ships

Is Google creating a voice-activated search engine for TODDLERS? Tech giant files patent amid fresh privacy concerns

First pictures inside the hijacked British tanker 

The pathetic size of the once-great Royal Navy: Ex-admirals join criticism of cuts that have left Britain's fleet utterly inadequate to deal with Iran

Transgender woman who lashed out at police over pronouns spared jail

Terrorists could be inspired to attack UK, security sources warn

Tornado rips through Manchester damaging buildings, cars and trees

How your bank could be emptied if you use WiFi in a coffee shop

Jeremy Hunt says he's 'extremely disappointed' about tanker hijacking

Could you live like this? New show explores a Christian sect in Sussex

Parents encourage kids to change gender without consulting specialists

Transgender man gave birth and is fighting to be named as the father

Prince Charles warns that next 18 months are critical for humanity

Ian Beale's teenage son will turn to Islam to find peace after leaving prison for killing his sister in EastEnders storyline designed 'to challenge prejudices about faith' (WHY ISLAM AND NOT CHRISTIANITY?)

The child sex victims betrayed by police afraid of being called racist: In our final extract from her book, ex-police officer MAGGIE OLIVER reveals what happened after she exposed the Rochdale grooming gang 

'So grateful we were OUT!': Masked thugs with MACHETE ransack family's remote Kent home while mother and children were late getting back due to flat tyre

US and 'allies' will send naval escorts for tankers in the Gulf after British Royal Navy were forced to defend UK vessel from Iranian boats, Pentagon reveals

UK government urged to take steps to prevent persecution of Christians

Alexa, here's why you can't replace my GP: A mother reveals the devastating account of how she lost her baby to sepsis after a botched response by doctors and the NHS's helpline

Horrifying moment a teenager is stabbed in broad daylight by gang of attackers near a busy town centre

Three armed Iranian boats attempt to storm British oil tanker in the Gulf, hours after Tehran threatened UK ships - but are repelled by Royal Navy frigate that trained its guns on them

Ugly scenes as furious Tommy Robinson supporters march on Parliament and burn EU flags after the EDL founder was jailed for nine months for contempt

How safe ARE women alone in an Uber?

Warning content not good! Hundreds of swingers party 'Europe's biggest sex festival' on farm that is just 200 yards away from a village SCOUT camp

UK Home Secretary Sajid Javid visits Western Wall, Jerusalem

Scotland announces civil partnerships for opposite-sex couples

Education Secretary: ‘School children must learn about gay relationships’

Institute challenges Cathedral over blasphemous LGBT festival

Pupil who said there are only two genders suspended

Chinese hackers 'stole data from UK mobile phones for up to SEVEN years' in one of the world's biggest cyber attacks, experts reveal

Gay rights campaigners call on Prince William to challenge Pakistan over its homophobic laws when he visits the country later this year

The world parties with Pride!: Cities across the globe burst with rainbow colours as millions enjoy LGBT celebrations

Boy 'raped girl, 13, in toilets after he moved schools for sexually assaulting two other students'

Revealed: Almost three-quarters of children looking to change their gender are girls

UK Bans ‘Offensive’ Traditional Family Stereotypes From Adverts

Plans to give free heroin to addicts in drug 'shooting galleries'

British army officers are told soldiers calling themselves 'patriots' or who make 'inaccurate generalisations about the Left' could be right-wing extremists

EE launches the UK's first 5G network bringing ultra-fast internet to tablets, smartphones and other gadgets that support the technology

EE launches UK's first 5G network, but will it be enough to entice customers? MailOnline puts super-fast mobile internet to the test

Donald Trump says he 'feels bad for Theresa May' ahead of his state visit - but still wants answers from her over Britain's role in 'spying' on his campaign

Theresa May announces she will resign on 7 June

Meaningless Election

Judge backs parents who sent trans son, 4, to school in girl's uniform

Cambridge don sacked after he was accused of 'racist pseudoscience

Foster parents investigated after child, 3, changes from boy to girl

Children who have not had their MMR vaccine could be BANNED from UK schools, Health Secretary says

Pay with your FINGERPRINT: NatWest launches its biometric bank card to allow people to buy things over £30 without their PIN

Lords to debate new Relationships and Sex Education regulations tomorrow, Wednesday 24 April

Bristol University's black and ethnic minority officer faces investigation after telling Jewish student to 'be like Israel and cease to exist'

Secret filming in shops is just the 'tip of the iceberg' as customers are rapidly losing their privacy, warn campaigners

UK school sacks Christian who opposed new primary schools relationships curriculum

Bless this gender neutral ship and all who sail in... it: Scottish Maritime Museum stops centuries old tradition of referring to vessels as 'she' and 'her'

Diane James MEP Unveils What The EU Really Wants To Do

Nein means NEIN! Desperate May meets Merkel to beg for more time as Macron vows to get even TOUGHER on year-long Brexit delay with a 'stop Boris' clause to prevent a new Brexiteer PM 'vandalizing' the EU

Using cash in the UK could soon become impossible if more banks close and shops stop accepting it, Bank of England warns

Lord James: Remaining in the EU will constitute perjury by the Queen

Why are Tories pursuing Tony’s Blair’s “essential” policy of EU Defence Union?

Police could soon scan suspects with a PHONE to see if they’re carrying weapons; Cutting-edge handheld infrared scanner built by scientists could spot concealed knives, guns and bombs up to 20 feet away

Brexit Betrayal - Treachery or Treason?

UK Insider Reveals The US Will Not Escape Pain & Agony —What Happened Abroad Is About To Happen Here

More than 10,000 riot police from across UK are on stand-by in case No Deal Brexit sparks public disorder

Welcome to Brexit-on-Sea: Photographer travels to coastal towns where Leave voters ply her with tea and biscuits but ask 'when will London listen to us?'

UK Denies Asylum To Christian Convert From Iran Because "Christianity Is Not Peaceful"

Sam Smith comes out as non-binary: 'I'm not male or female'

Will we see civial unrest in the UK due to Brexit? Petition to cancel Brexit hits 5m signatures after 'one million' people marched along to AC/DC's Highway to Hell at People's Vote protest in London

Newsagent worker is stabbed to death 'in a robbery at his shop' in 'safe' Pinner and six more people are knifed in yet another night of bloodshed in London

Is it education or exploitation? Critics claim a new reality show that stars a bearded lady, 'giant' and a man who wants to look like a parrot is a 'latter-day freak show'... but the makers say it's a way to confront prejudice

Girl, 15, who identifies as a boy is taken from her family and put into care after telling teachers her parents 'didn't want her changing sex'

Councils are taking children who want to change gender into care

Edinburgh University lecturer is quizzed by police for committing a 'hate crime' by quoting Renton's anti-English speech from Trainspotting movie

Dad cannot stop docs from giving daughter hormone treatment, Canada judge rules

MPs fail in latest attempt to undo law protecting women and unborn

Parents withdraw 600 children from Birmingham school over LGBT lessons

Widespread opposition to Relationships and Sex Education changes revealed

Another victim of Bloodbath Britain: Mother reveals agony as aspiring barrister son, 17, is knifed to death in Kensington - in the 'fourth attempt on his life' - as three teenagers are arrested over his murder

Facebook and Google could be forced to introduce strict age checks under new code drawn up by Britain's information watchdog

EXCLUSIVE: Major independent inquiry to investigate Labour party's alleged institutional anti-Semitism

Knife crime: Ex-minister wants it treated with urgency of terrorism 

Help, they're after me': Horrified witnesses reveal how man in his 20s was 'stabbed six times in his own home before he was chased barefoot before bleeding to death in London street'

Bloodbath Britain: Man repeatedly stabs another in the chest while he lies on the ground in sickening mass brawl

Defence secretary Gavin Williamson says military 'ready to respond' to knife crime crisis

Terrified girl hacked her own hair off after being caught up in Momo

Schools warn parents over sick Momo 'suicide game'

Boy raped sister 'while acting out sex scene from Grand Theft Auto'

Conspiracy theorists are more likely to engage in petty crime

Boy, five, is terrified after Momo doll pops up during Peppa Pig

This afternoon an African Christian preacher was arrested in London for preaching about Jesus Christ. This is very sad to see. What happened to freedom of speech?

Corbyn’s aide 'is a national security risk' former MI6 boss says

EXCLUSIVE: Spy chief quit after helping paedophile priest avoid jail

Leading British surgeon calls for transgender women to have life-changing womb transplants so they can have their own children with IVF

Primary school children 'are to be taught about gay and transgender relationships from the age of five under new curriculum'

Will Young to read LGBT bedtime story on CBeebies

MPs grill Ofsted chief over ‘anti-faith agenda’

Pensioner gets apology from police after questioning over trans comments

EU parliament chiefs welcome Jeremy Corbyn's new Brexit plans

Shoplifter, 41, becomes Britain's first person to fall ill from 'world's deadlist drug' KROKODIL: Flesh-rotting Class A that's 10 times strength of heroin left her with 'horrific' open sores

Dementia patients to be tracked by smart meters so that doctors can monitor any sudden changes that indicate illness, falls or mental decline

Nissan blames Brexit as it announces next-generation X-Trail SUV will be made in Japan instead of Sunderland

Forgive those who trespass: Church report tells vicars to offer their land as official campsites for travellers

Thousands of pupils will be given meditation lessons. Mindfulness at school: Thousands of pupils will be given meditation lessons to help them 'cope with pressure'

Baby 'twins' have two DIFFERENT fathers after gay couple were both able to fertilise an embryo of a surrogate mother


Twitter user is investigated by police for posting a poem on social media site suggesting transgender women are still men


Economic  Storm ahead? Here’s how to prepare for a financial crisis


A snap election will make Corbyn PM, warns internal Tory polling amid claims the party is totally unprepared to fight one and Brexit chaos has hit support in middle-class heartlands


Bookmaker William Hill is to close nearly half of its betting shops putting 4,500 jobs at risk


Patisserie Valerie collapses into administration after talks with lenders fail to save the cafe chain


Parents 'who tried to cast black magic spells on police and medics after hiring witch to perform genital mutilation on daughter, three, had name of ex-CPS chief inside a lime in freezer in bid to CURSE her'


Jeremy Corbyn tables a vote of ‘no confidence’ in Theresa May’s government


Corbyn calls no-confidence vote to be held TOMORROW just SECONDS after May’s crushing 230 vote Brexit deal defeat


So what happens now? Here are SIX ways the next stage of the Brexit drama might play out after May's humiliating defeat tonight


May's Brexit deal is CRUSHED: PM suffers biggest government defeat EVER by 230 votes as Tory rebels join forces with Labour in Commons showdown - and now she faces no-confidence battle


'It's going to be soon': Corbyn hints he could launch bid to oust May THIS WEEK as he demands an election - but refuses to to say if Labour would pledge to deliver Brexit and suggests free movement rules would STAY


UK Woman Detained At Mental Health Facility For Claiming 5G & WiFi Radiation Is Harmful To Health!


Transgender data collected in 2021 census, in UK first


Bishops oppose CofE gender transition celebrations


London's bloodiest year in a decade: 2018 ends with 134 murders - including 70 stab deaths and 24 young people killed


Prophecy Prepper' spends thousands on food, army rations and an AXE as he fears riots and disorder will break out after Brexit (and even plans to flee call centre job for Scottish Highlands)


World War 3: Putin prepares to deploy 'INVINCIBLE' hypersonic missile system in New Year


Brexit deal latest: No 10 says 'more work to do' as May seeks to win EU concessions


UK weather forecast: Britons braced for ‘SNOW STORMS’ in January as ‘REAL WINTER’ looms


U.K. govt. agency warning that coming massive space storms will wipe out modern society by killing all electronics


Good News In a World of Bad


Britain sends Royal Navy ship to the Black Sea to help Ukraine stand up to Russia - but Putin hits back by dispatching warship to the region


Brits could be told to change what they EAT if there is a no deal Brexit as officials prepare for food shortages amid border chaos


Some 600 Whitehall staff are set to be redeployed to prepare for no-deal Brexit, as government steps up contingency plans for preventing Dover standstill and economic crash


Britain has sent Royal Navy ship to the Black Sea so Ukraine does not have to stand alone against Putin's Russia, says Gavin Williamson


Britain could be cashless society in 15 years, potentially excluding millions of elderly and vulnerable people, experts warn


Theresa May 'tears up manifesto pledges on social care and A Levels' so UK can prepare for No Deal doomsday as Health Secretary charters the NHS's own PLANE to fly in cancer treatments


U.K.- Cashless revolution 'happening too fast' as millions of consumers face exclusion from shops and restaurants


Lib Dems and SNP table vote of no confidence in May’s government: Minor parties upstage Corbyn as they hatch Commons motion – but PM can still ignore the calls


Remainer Tory MPs Nick Boles and Anna Soubry vow to bring down their OWN Government if Theresa May presses ahead with a no deal Brexit


Britain told to prepare for no deal DOOMSDAY: Thousands of troops on standby, ferries to ship in emergency supplies and millions of families told 'get ready' as ministers activate ALL Brexit backup plans with 101 days to go


Mhardeh - A Syrian Christian Town Besieged and Targeted by the West


British man who called migrant groomers ‘animals’ is facing seven years in jail


Gender-confused schoolgirls sent breast binders by trans group


Warnings over new guidance for church youth groups


Corbyn could be prime minister by Christmas


Back me or get Jeremy Corbyn and no Brexit: Theresa May warns against voting down


Theresa May vows to fight leadership challenge TONIGHT with 'everything I’ve got’: PM blasts rebels for 'tearing the country apart' with vote to oust her at 6pm and handing power to Labour as she vows she WILL 'finish the job' of Brexit


BREXIT WARNING: Lose and we will TOPPLE YOU - Corbyn issues May shock NO CONFIDENCE threat


Parliament is flying in the face of democracy


‘Europe is finished,’ leading lawyer says as he leaves UK for Israel


Women's rights expert who says sex and gender should be different in eye of the law 'has been threatened with rape and murder and forced to hide behind trees to avoid transgender activists who also drenched her office door in URINE'


Is NOTHING private any more? Shocking extent of how big firms harvest your data – from children's voice recordings, passport info and even pregnant mothers' due dates


Facebook workers turn on Zuckerberg: Founder and CEO could be forced out amid fallout from company of spying on users' calls and signing secret deals to hand over their data, insiders reveal


Have these arrogant MPs any idea of the damage they'll wreak on our democracy if they ignore the national interest?


The National Secular Society (NSS) states children must learn about homosexual sex,


NHS has warned 6,000 people they have rare diseases after sequencing their genes as researchers say everyone should be screened - but warn of ethical minefield


What does the Brexit legal advice actually mean?


British politician releases 250 pages of seized Facebook and Mark Zuckerberg emails which reveal they wanted to charge companies at least $250,000 per year for access to users' data


France's President Macron Effortlessly Destroys the Brexit Deal


Scotland Makes LGBT Indoctrination Mandatory For Schools


Overview of Brexit legal advice published amid pressure from MPs


UK column round up of UK news


The real Minority Report: AI that studies CCTV to predict violent crimes BEFORE they happen will be rolled out in the UK


Britain' role in the rising EU army


Gender-confused children victims of online trans groups


School has SEVENTEEN children changing gender as teacher says vulnerable pupils are being 'tricked' into believing they are the wrong sex


Woman who is engaged to a CHANDELIER gets a tattoo of the partner of her dreams on her arm


Archbishop of Canterbury Declares God Gender Neutral

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