The Great Reset

The Great Reset 

The Great Reset launched by a partnership between the World Economic Forum and HRH the Prince of Wales and other key partners is seeking to usher in a global utopia - as humanity has been presented with an unprecedented opportunity to transform the planet and fix our broken society and ecosystems. however, while such a move is commendable, the reality is that the Great Reset WILL usher in a Global New World Order - the antichrist system.

The Global Great Reset 3rd june 2020 

The Great Reset offers a utopic world vision, one that is established as humanity embraces the opportunity availed through the global pandemic.
However, what this is in reality is a planned reset brought about through a plandemic. Such a reset will usher in a global governance depicted in the bible as being the antichrist system.

The Great Reset 25th June 2020

The Great Reset seeks to offer a utopic world, one in which humanity lives in symbiosis with the environment - both plants and animals. As nature is elevated to the same status as humanity.
This could be why the sacrifices in the coming temple are stopped. furthermore, such a move will justify why it will be made illegal to eat an animal for food. All food soon will be manmade meat-free meat.

The Great Reset 1st July  2020

Listen to the three scenarios, the top futurist is stating. Notice they call him a futurist, this is another name for a Transhumanist. 

Notice how the first states that we will not recover until we get a vaccine. 

The Great Reset 18th July 2020

Julian Huxley, the father of Transhumanism, sought to create a humanist religion, one void of God. To assist him in this Huxley studied and immerse himself in Christian doctrine; especially the reformation and what facilitated in changing doctrine. In studying Christianity Huxley, through an unconscious osmosis, absorbed key aspects of theology, one such aspect was the Trinity, something Huxley admired. However, Huxley adapted it to formulate a Transhumanist Trinity doctrine, one that would propel his new religion. A key aspect of this humanist – Transhuman trinity was psychology, which would offer his religion a pseudo-spirituality.

Thus, what we see within the above video is an expression of Huxley's vision within the Great Reset, as the globalists seek to implement a 'Brave New World' one that will have Transhumanism at its very heart.

The Global Great Reset 3rd June 2020

Within this second video from the World Economic Forum promoting the Great Reset once sees further evidence of the pervasive impact of the Great Reset upon every aspect of our lives. The imagery employed informs us that such change will even impact our very DNA - transforming what it is to be human. For humanity will through the application of nanotechnology that augments with our human DNA take the next step in our evolution and become post-human. something that will see humanity transformed from me made in the image of the One True God to that which is created in the image of the serpent - HaSatan. For the Great Reset is what the bible describes as the antichrist system. 

The Great Reset 23rd June 2020

The Great Reset will, through sustainable development, make it illegal to eat an animal and thus ensure the mass production of artificial meat-free meat. This will be offered as a solution for the coming global famine as a means to feed the population and stem the food crises. Such a move is part of the programme to control every aspect of our lives, even what we eat.

Furthermore, that through the hydrogel technology, that will be in the coronavirus vaccine, they will know what we consume and what we do. All parts of our lives will be surveyed through an advanced A.I. system that humanity is augmented with.
The Great Reset seeks to change what God has created as it seeks to usher in a system created in the image of HaSatan - the antichrists system is at the door! 

We need to call on the name of the LORD and ensure that we are walking close to Him. That we ensure we have made YHVH our habitation.

The Great Reset 28th June 2020

The above video gives a further glimpse into the WEF plans and the predictive programming they are employing to prepare the population for the vaccine.

The Great Reset 8th July 2020

Are you ready for artificial meat? Soon we will not be allowed to eat meat, and all our food will be controlled.

KFC are testing the use of 3D printing chicken - things are moving fast! link to an article 

The Great Reset 18th July 2020

While we should protect the environment and be good stewards of creation, we must not promote nature above humanity as the WEF is doing. Scripture informs us that God will judge those who destroy the earth (Rev. 11:18). Furthermore, while we should allow young people to speak out and champion causes, we should not bow to them or elevate them. Yet, what we are witnessing today, with the way society bow’s to children, is in effect the tail becoming the head, as part of God’s judgment upon society. Could this be the start of the prophetic fulfilment of Isaiah 3:4 states “I will make mere youths their officials; children will rule over them”.

If we want to save the planet, then the governments need to desist from geoengineering.

The WEF and the Great Reset, is seeking to elevate creation to the same level as humankind, thus allowing creation, animal or plant, to take legal action against humanity. This elevation of creation could see it made illegal to consume animal products, hence why they are promoting synthetic meats.

The green agenda has always been a smokescreen for the ‘Globalist Satanic Kabbal’ (GSK) to control and manipulate humanity. Will you jump and dance to the tune of the GSK pipe piper?

The Great Reset 25th June 2020

The Great Reset 25th June 2020

According to the WEF bananas are being blighted by a virus, one that will devastate the industry. However, what they do not report is that this virus, as reported by Celeste Solum, was released simultaneously with the coronavirus and affects plants.

I encourage you to research what Celeste states and understand that humanity is being transformed through a plandemic. One that will see the establishment of a global governance that will seek to control every part of our lives. The sad reality is most people will surrender the control of their lives to survive the coming tsunami, - famine, pestilence, and economic.

However, there is another way, seek the LORD while He may be found. Humbly surrender your life to God and seek His wisdom.
for what is being offered in the form of a utopia is slavery to the antichrist system. A system that will control every aspect of society.

The Great Reset 14th July 2020

Vaccines have assisted in the past, so they will again...the predictive programming is preparing the masses to take the vaccine for the 'plandemic'.

I urge people to examine what you will be allowing into your body first prior to accepting the vaccine. Is the vaccine the saviour it is said to be?

The Great Reset 18th July 2020

Get ready for the One Wolrd Currency - they are getting ready, as they prepare for the Great Reset and the Beast System. Those who do not dance to the music of the Globalist Sataanic Kabbal (GSK) will not be permitted to buy or sell.

Will you take the Mark of the GSK - the Beast?

The Great Reset 20th July  2020

Soon, we will not be permitted to eat meat. Remember the saying you are what you, if we eat synthetic meat, how will that affect us?