Transhumanism and A.I.

Transhumanism, A.I. & Tech.

Facebook-funded mind-reading tech predicts what you want to say before you say it — a breakthrough that could help people with strokes and motor neurone disease communicate

Apple experiments with augmented reality walks where visitors can interact with specially created artworks

Scientist claims to have grown the world's first-ever human-monkey hybrid embryo in a lab in China

Humans apply racist bias to ROBOTS: Machines are more likely to be deemed a threat if their 'skin' is darker, new study finds

Human-animal hybrids to be developed in Japan after ban controversially lifted

Vatican Hosts Conference Touching on Transhumanism

God in the machine: my strange journey into transhumanism

Scientists attempting to open portal to a parallel universe

Scientists observe neural activity in lab-grown mini-BRAINS (but insist the simplified organs can't 'think' for themselves

Mark Zuckerberg defends Facebook's decision to keep up doctored video making Nancy Pelosi appear drunk but admits it is 'evaluating' its deepfake policy

Scientists discover a hunger 'switchboard' in the brain - and may soon be able to turn your appetite 'on' or 'off'

Toyota's giant basketball-playing six-foot 10-inch human-like robot nets TWO THOUSAND free throws in a row - earning a Guinness World Record

Incredible video reveals the tiny solar-powered 'RoboBEE' which flaps its wings 170 times a second to stay aloft and could be used to monitor the natural environment

Facebook Plans Global Financial System Based on Cryptocurrency

Amazon votes to keep selling its controversial facial recognition software to police and governments despite growing privacy concerns

The virtual church redefining religion for the internet age: Watch as pastor BAPTIZES a pink-haired anime girl in VR while Tigger and a talking banana look on

Facebook 'is helping companies to use your data and target ads based on your credit score'

Weaponizing 5G and Nanotechnology: Protecting Yourself from Nanotechnology and Frequency Radiation

Swarms of automated drones controlled by AI to patrol Europe's borders

Zuckerberg meets Macron as France demands Facebook curb hate speech

5G mobile networks could wreck ability to predict major storms

Human rights group alleges Google may be helping the U.S. government conduct warrantless searches in 'massive file scanning program'

Be wary of robot emotions: Experts warn 'simulated love is never love' as our attachment to life-like AI personalities becomes more common

Amazon employees listening to your Alexa recordings can also easily find customers' home addresses, report claims

Aliens and humans breeding to create hybrid species, claims lecturer

Pay with your FINGERPRINT: NatWest launches its biometric bank card to allow people to buy things over £30 without their PIN

Elon Musk claims Neuralink technology that will connect the human brain with computers is 'coming soon'

Scientists are 'confident' they will be able to clone an extinct horse species from DNA in a 42,000-year-old frozen foal preserved in Siberian permafrost


Chinese, US researchers create monkeys with human-like brain development

Facial recognition technology means you could soon be BANNED from going into shops anywhere in the world even if you’ve done nothing wrong, civil liberties experts suggest

Mind-boggling experiment suggests multiple realities can exist at the SAME TIME

Is nowhere sacred? You may soon be tracked and monitored by your own CAR as firms work on systems to scrutinise everything you do

Taking the bias out of job interviews: AI powered robot judges you purely on your abilities leaving race, gender and other subconscious judgements made by employers out of its decisions

Mark Zuckerberg wants to build a 'brain-computer interface' that can read your THOUGHTS, report claims

No Place To Hide - Facial Recognition Technology Will End Your Privacy

The Real Reason Why Globalists Are So Obsessed With Artificial Intelligence

Regulators clear path for genetically modified salmon known as 'Frankenfish' to be grown in the U.S.

Transhumanism: AI could figure out how to make humans live forever

Facebook is tracking people who don't even have an ACCOUNT: These Android apps automatically send private information without your knowledge

Update Google Chrome NOW: Hackers could hijack your computer using a flaw in the browser that lets them install malware without you knowing

Google really DOES want to get inside your head: Search giant's engineering director claims humans will become hybrids who can upload their brain by 2030

China Behavior Rating System V'S Sweden Microchip implants | Must watch technology

Humanity Replaced By AI Robots And Human Animal Hybrids

Brain Chip Tech To Create “Gods” On Earth Who Keep Normal Humans As Pets

Japanese startup unveils creepy Minority Report-style AI that can spot shoplifters BEFORE they steal

Global 5G WIFI Will BLANKET The Earth in A MOSAIC of “CELLS” - What You NEED To Know! video 

The 'world's fastest' foldable phone... but you might be spied on

Super smart rat CYBORGS can be steered through maze by human thought

Put down that mobile phone - it's making you fat! Scientists warn using a smartphone at mealtimes can lead to an expanding waistline

Severe and Debilitating Affects from 5G Technology

Dr. Paul Heroux Testifies at Michigan's 5G Small Cell Tower Legislation Hearing October 4, 2018

Senator Patrick Colbeck Testifies Against 5G: Hearing 2018

BIOINITIATIVE - information on exposure to electromagnetic radiation 

Dr. Angie Colbeck Testifies at Michigan's 5G Small Cell Tower Legislation Hearing October 4, 2018



Video A.I. plan is CENTURIES OLD, PROOF here! Jay Dyer Interview on Techn0cracy


The rise of the Antichrist and modern technology. All they need is the right conditions: a totalitarian world dictatorship to put it into effect


DARPA Proposes An AI That Can Monitor The Entire World For Threats


DARPA Wants to Build Conscious Robots Using Insect Brains; The Pentagon thinks bugs could hold the secrets to conscious experience


Russian Patriarch Warns ‘Antichrist’ Will Control Humans Through Gadgets


Artificial Intelligence And The End Of Government


Urgent! Ultimate 5G Silent Weapon Of War Dispatched: The Deceit Of A Decade Has Deadly Consequences!


AI Self-Replicating Smart Dust & NanoTechBots R Us All


5G Will Use the Same Frequencies as Pain-Inflicting Military Weapon


Since Now We Know The CIA Could 'Remote Control' Dogs 50 Years Ago, What Can They Accomplish Today? The Technologies Being Unveiled Today Are Far Behind 'Reality'


Facebook’s Deepest, Dirtiest Secret


Facebook Didn’t Sell Your Data; It Gave It Away


Dream of augmented humans endures, despite sceptics


The Beast Rising! AI False Prophet Grows Stronger With Newest Tech Revelation!


Artificial intelligence to combat hate speech, conservatives?


Patents Directly Related To Geoengineering


Real life 'shrink ray' can reduce 3D structures to one thousandth of their original size - and could be used to make the next generation of miniature robots


Authoritarian Freak Show! Amazon New Device Patent Allows ‘Non-Consent’ Photo Of You To Be Taken & Shared With Police!


Genetic Engineering Brings Little Shop of Horrors to Life


The AI that can tell how old people REALLY are from a photograph: System reveals skin at the edge of our eyes is always a giveaway


Meet the Robofly: Wireless insects powered by lasers could soon be scouring disaster areas for survivors and sniffing out gas leaks


Tiny chip implanted in the brain lets paralyzed patients type text messages with their thoughts - and even play the piano


Will YOUR TV soon start listening to everything you watch? Nielsen expands controversial pilot that allows it to show viewers personalized ads


Killer robots and autonomous AI weapons must be banned before they become reality, the Vatican warns


Google Reveals Plans to Monitor Our Moods, Our Movements, and Our Children's Behavior at Home


The $7m 'Iron Man' exoskeleton that will give US soldiers superhuman strength and endurance


Surveillance Cameras Equipped With Thermal Imaging Allow Police To Identify People By Their Gender, Body Size And Skin Color





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